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Find all the useful information about this job on the job description head of real estate agency: training, role, job description head of real estate agency, qualities and skills required to work as a head of real estate agency. The job of head of a real estate agency is part of the real estate field. The job of head of a real estate agency has a commercial management aspect as well as agency management. The size of the structure will determine the proportion in either field. The smaller the structure in terms of the number of employees, the more important the management tasks will be compared to the management aspect. Large entities will require specialized management and daily management, monitoring and training, and management tasks may therefore be delegated to an assistant. The role consists of establishing the sale or rental of the properties under mandate on the market and ensuring their promotion and monitoring through the sales force constituted by the commercial agents under his responsibility. This job is done in the majority of cases, as the real estate crisis has accentuated the trend, as a freelancer, whether or not under the cover of a network or franchise. In addition to sales agents, the structure may also include staff dedicated more specifically to technical or administrative tasks. The head of the agency is responsible for the acts and transactions of the real estate agency, both for sales and rentals. The missions of the head of agency are therefore to lead and manage his sales team, to ensure the search for properties to be marketed, to ensure the marketing process from the promotion of the property, to the visit and up to the signing of the deeds of sale and to help the sellers to enhance the value of their properties. The skills of the head of the estate agency are therefore extended, both with management skills, to lead his commercial team and help it achieve its objectives, and with a perfect mastery of regulations, marketing or accounting. The permanent evolution of the real estate market, and the strong competition which reigns there, induces moreover a capacity to adapt to the innovations of its environment by being very reactive.


What are the other names of the position of head of real estate agency? The head of a real estate agency is also known as the manager or director of a real estate agency.

Qualities and skills required

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a head of a real estate agency? They are numerous, patience and dynamism to manage a team and animate it, and knowledge, in terms of negotiation, legal and accounting, being the main referent of the structure.

Possible evolutions

Where to go after a career as a real estate agent manager? What to do after a career as an estate agent manager? The head of agency is already a fairly advanced position, the next step being to establish a network of real estate agencies.

Main employers

Which companies can recruit a Head of Estate Agency? The majority of agency managers are self-employed. While some networks such as Foncia have salaried agency managers, brands such as ORPI or CENTURY offer to become franchisees.
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