Real estate agency

What is the benefit of going through a real estate agency?

A question that comes up often, accompanied by the ever-present question “What’s in it for me? ยป Well, I’ll try to be thorough on the usefulness of real estate agencies: Let’s take the most common case of an agency working…

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Real estate agencies: their role

Real estate sale, purchase or rental… The real estate agency is a key intermediary in the real estate market. Here is its scope of action. The objective of real estate agencies is to put people who are looking for a…

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Reasons to trust a real estate agency to sell your home

You wish to sell your property and you wonder what a professional can bring you? Signing an exclusive mandate with a real estate agency gives you many advantages. Thanks to the knowledge of the local market and the regulations of…

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How does a real estate agency work?

Before getting into the real estate business, it seems wise to define what a real estate agency is, before focusing on how an estate agency works. The role of a real estate agency is to put buyers and sellers in…

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