Job file of a Real Estate Agent

Find all the useful information about this job on the job description real estate agent. The real estate agent profession is part of the real estate field. The strong real estate needs have increased the demand for this type of position in recent years. The real estate agent acts as an interface between the seller of a property, the agency to which he is attached, and potential buyers. Although his status may vary due to the commercial dimension of the profession, the missions entrusted to him are generally similar:
  • Prospecting: this is the most important and most difficult task entrusted to him. The real estate negotiator will have to find apartments, houses or other properties available for sale or rent. He or she will scour the geographical area assigned to him or her to find available properties.
  • Assessing the value of a property: when he has found a property for rent or for sale, he must assess it. He sets a fair price in agreement with the owner and the market prices in order to sell or rent as quickly as possible.
  • Finding a buyer: he is in charge of prospecting potential buyers and tenants. To do this, he will multiply the spaces of
  • Visibility: advertisements published in newspapers or on the Internet, presentation in the agency's window...
  • Making the visits: he shows the properties to potential buyers. He advises them and shows them properties adapted to their budget and their expectations.
  • Finalise the operation and manage the rentals: When the owner and the buyer or tenant have reached an agreement after negotiation, he is in charge of finalising the operation and managing the administrative part.
  • He generally acts as property administrator: collecting rents and charges, drafting leases.
The tasks assigned to the estate agent are numerous. They are generally responsible for a real estate transaction from start to finish. The Real Estate Advisor can become an Agency Manager or even a self-employed Real Estate Agent. He will then have to master the organizational management and the management of his team in order to buy himself a serenity and a prosperous and regular development of his agency turnover.

Why and how to work as a real estate agent?

The advantages

Part of the remuneration is received through commissions that are not capped but are proportional to the volume of sales achieved. In case of good results, this system can be very interesting. An exciting job that does not know routine, a personal satisfaction to have rendered a quality service and a recognition of individuals who often entrust you with their entire life project, therefore incomparable to goods and services of current consumption.

The disadvantages

It is a real profession that cannot and must not be improvised. This is a negative aspect only for those who think that this profession can be improvised. Schedules not always regular and sometimes extended in the evening.

Necessary qualities and skills

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a real estate agent? He or she has a perfect knowledge of the local real estate market: the current sale and rental prices, the most popular districts, the competition. The real estate agent must be familiar with real estate law and the various legal aspects likely to be involved in a sale. He has strong commercial skills and a good sense of contact. His power of conviction is developed. He knows how to negotiate with his clients the price of the goods and the commissions paid. His presentation is irreproachable. He is available and dynamic. Depending on his speciality, he may be required to be fluent in one or more foreign languages.

What are the missions that you can carry out as a real estate agent?

The real estate agent fulfills a number of missions during his career. His or her primary function is to put sellers and potential buyers of a property in touch with each other. His main tasks are:
  • Evaluating properties (property diagnosis)
  • Prospecting for customers
  • Advising clients (price estimates, administrative procedures, legal aspects, etc.)
  • Create classified ads of properties for sale
  • Writing various types of documents (pre-contract)
  • Organize apartment visits
  • Accompaniment of clients until the sale of the property.
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