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Find all the useful information about this job on the job description real estate coach: Salary, studies, training, role, job description real estate coach, qualities and skills required to work as a real estate coach. The real estate coach profession is part of the real estate field. Real estate coaching consists in accompanying an individual, whether he is a seller or a buyer, so that he can optimize his selling or buying technique. The profession of real estate coach appeared about fifteen years ago in the United States. The real estate coach can be in charge of finding his client a property that corresponds to his expectations. In general, a person calls upon him when he does not have the time to look for a property himself, when he wishes to be advised in his research, or when he cannot physically look for it himself (inconveniences of physical or geographical mobility). The real estate coach can also help a private individual to sell his property, especially when he encounters difficulties. But his competences can be widened: he can take care of the administrative procedures relating to a relocation, find the school where the children of his client can go, find the company which will carry out the relocation, carry out the steps to obtain electricity or water in the future housing... The real estate coach often works independently of a real estate agency, although there are real estate coaching agencies, but he can find or sell a property through them. In this case, the coach will negotiate the sharing of the final transaction with the agency. His main missions:
  • To advise the client
  • To carry out a personalized accompaniment
  • Search for a property
  • Show selected properties
  • Helping an individual to sell his property

Salary Real Estate Coach

What salary and how much does a real estate coach earn? The real estate coach receives a fee that can generally vary between 2.5 and 4.5%, depending on the amount of the final transaction. He also receives a prospecting fee.

Work Real Estate Coach

Why and how to work as a real estate coach?

The advantages

A privileged relationship with the clientele: the real estate coach invests in a personalised follow-up. Versatility: the functions can be varied according to the service offered.

The disadvantages

Shift hours. The slots for meeting and showing clients around are often in the evening, at noon or on Saturdays. As the profession of real estate coach is still not very widespread, job offers are still rare. Being independent, one must be patient to "make one's clientele" given the recent emergence of this type of service.

Qualities and skills needed

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a real estate coach?
  • Being able to put oneself in the client's shoes to understand their needs and identify their lifestyle.
  • Possess a sense of relationship.
  • Have a great aptitude for negotiation.
  • To have the spirit of conviction.
  • A taste for challenge (some client requests are sometimes difficult to satisfy).
  • Be reactive.
  • Have a commercial mind and be a good salesperson.
  • Have management skills if you run your own business.
  • To show dynamism and perseverance .
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