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Find all the useful information about this job on the job description: description of the job in charge of real estate operations, the qualities and skills required to work as a real estate operations manager. The job of real estate agent is part of the real estate field. The job of a real estate transaction manager consists of evaluating, designing and carrying out real estate transactions for the needs of its clients. It is therefore involved in the preparatory phase prior to construction. It deals with the legal, financial and technical aspects of the various real estate programs. He is in permanent contact and negotiates with architects, administrations, banks, elected representatives and promoters. After drawing up the specifications, he ensures that the urban planning rules are respected and that the progress of the project is monitored. He can sometimes go as far as the delivery of the work.


What are the other names of the position responsible for real estate transactions? The Real Estate Transaction Manager is also called a Real Estate Transaction Erector or Business Manager.

Work Real Estate Transaction Manager

Why and how to work as a real estate operations manager? The advantages
  • It's a very complete job with a variety of tasks.
  • The person in charge of real estate operations has important responsibilities because he often has a large budget to carry out the various programs.
  • It is a sector that is recruiting.
The disadvantages
  • The real estate operations manager must be sufficiently available because he or she may have to work on weekends.
  • They are often required to travel locally, nationally or internationally.
  • They are in great demand because they occupy office (upstream of the project) and field positions (during the implementation phase).

Qualities and skills required

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as a real estate operations manager? To be successful in this type of position, it is imperative to have a very good knowledge of real estate and the construction of different programs. You must be a skilled negotiator, rigorous and methodical because it is often necessary to supervise several programs at the same time. Finally, good interpersonal skills are essential because the real estate operations manager is in constant contact with various parties and may be required to manage litigation.

Possible changes

Where to go after a career as a real estate operations manager? What to do after a career as a real estate operations manager? After a few years of experience, a real estate operations manager can move from junior to senior status and hope to become a program or real estate operations manager. They will have already dealt with a number of high responsibility files.

Major Employers

Which companies can recruit a Real Estate Operations Manager? The real estate operations manager works for public or private companies or local authorities. They work for construction companies, property management companies or in companies such as HLM or SEM.
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